344 Media is a digital media and branding company that majors in Branding,
Logos, Package Designs, Web Designs, Social Media and Ad Designs.


This is our first incentive- what you pay us is a bonus. We are a group of creatives who have a passion to change the world-one business at a time


Our greatest priority is to meet the need of your business, firm, product or service. Expressing our creativity is always in strict compliance with the client’s guideline.


We see problems and we provide solutions. YES, we are in business for profit…we profit from giving valuable solutions to our clients and we are proud of it!

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we add to your business

Web Design

The era of depending solely on Social Media platforms to create a strong web presence, is slowly coming to an end. Business owners have realized that Social Media platforms still control their content and the format in which it is published.

We offer web solutions to clients who want to own their abode on the world wide web and be the boss.


If all you want is a digital showroom, that would inform your site visitors about your business, we have a plan for you!


These are fully functional, database-driven websites that are engaging and act as platforms for you to fully conduct your business online.

Product Package Design

At 344 Media, we believe that products, especially new products in the market place, are judged by their cover. Your product does not need to be introduced into the market as the inferior option.

We offer Product Package Design solutions for small, medium and large corporations. Even for start-ups, who want to give their products a competitive edge in the market place.

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Your brand is your reputation- more like the word around town concerning your business, product or service. Several elements contribute to this but the most primary is the Visual Identity. Don’t just think logos- it starts from there but does not end there-huh- but your worry ends here! Our job is to worry- brainstorm on where it ends.

Being deliberate about your Visual Identity, is the first step in the right direction towards controlling the narrative about your reputation. THE FINAL STEP IS CLOSING A DEAL with us! Here’s what we primarily offer:


Remember it starts here. This is your most important brand element and you do not want to get it wrong. We design timeless logos, so you do not have to redesign- maybe till the end of the world.


This will contain a guide to using your logo across all forms of media. It includes your colour scheme and typography rules etc.

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Ads Graphic Design

Advertising and Marketing is a primary and continuous need in every business that wants to be seen and remain visible. There is so much power in communicating your services through compelling and creative graphic designs.

Collaboratively, we’ll tell your story with beautifully designed promotional materials, that connect with your target audience at an emotional level. Designs in this category include but are not limited to: E-flyers, Flyers, Brochures, Posters, Billboards, web banners and all forms of display Ads.

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